What is Donation for wealth?


DonationForWealth is a 21st Century Donation system and Crowd Sharing Platform. It brings forth a new way of raising funds for various causes, whether it is for personal needs or a host of worthy causes, such as Paying off Debts, Groceries, Holiday, Weadding, Buying a car, churches, schools, non-profit organizations, etc.

Is DonationForWealth a Company, A Business or a Corporation?


Neither, DonationForWealth is a Platform made by the people and for the people. It was created by a group of like-minded people for this very purpose.

Is DonationForWealth Available Worldwide?


Yes, It is available worldwide aslong as you have internet connections.

Can I have more than one account?


Yes, we encourage you on having additional accounts for your different goals, but we strongly recommend that you recruit under them to keep the platform moving and help everyone be successful.

There are many matrixes, wich one to choose?


You can choose any matrix that you want, You have to study the tables and choose the matrix wisely.

Can I sign people up myself?


Yes you can. In fact, you are encouraged to do that to make sure that the people you refer are placed under the correct Referrer, which is you.

Are The payments Automated?


Only Bitcoin Payments are Automatically Approved.

Are there any fees to pay?


Because of Automatic Upgrading and Bank charges yes, but that get deducted from your initial purchase fee.

If I have a question that is not covers in the FAQ , what should I do?


Please feel free to drop us an email at support@donationsforwealth.com

What payment processors are allowed?


We use Bank transfers to south African banks as well as Bitcoin and Bitcoins is an automatic confirmation.

Is there any refund?


No refund, Please ensure that when you join you have already made up your mind.

What is the time frame for my account to be approved or activated after i'v made the payment?


maximum of 6 hours but we always make sure that activations are done asap with 1 hour.

How does Bitcoin Payments work?


Bitcoin Payments get Confirmed Automatically all you do is to use our coinpayment system and use the bitcoin wallet provided by our coinpayment system.

How long i have to wait after i submitted my withdrawal?


We run withdrawals every hour.

Is there any Refund?


Unfortunately there's no refund because immediately you pay your account then the system pays your uplines for them to cycle.

When does the system pay me my profit on every Level?


Your Profit is Paid after cycling wichmeans after everyone on every level their downlines are full, For example: your level 2 downlines must have full full downlines under them for you to be upgraded to level 3 as a top upline etc.

How Does the system Upgrade me?


Remember we have Different matrixes
Let us give you example of Hundred Rand for wealth which is 4x2 Forced matrix. wichmeans is a 4 levels and 2 downlines.
+Once your First Two downlines paid, The system Upgrade you to level 2 Instantly ( wichmean you get paid after cycling on every level) Then the system takes R150 pay it to your upline and give you a remaining balance wich is R34 ( It Supposed to be R50 but because the system deduct R8 from each downline to cover bank fees)
+Then when your On Level 2, Wichmeans Immediately after all your first 2 downlines find their 2 downlines under them each, wich is 4 downlines, then the system upgrade you to level 3 as a top upline.
+ Then when your in Level 3 for you to move to level 4 it means your Level 3 downlines each they must have 16 downlines under them. Then thats how your profit for level 4 gets paid out.

It needs a hard work and perseverance. same applies on other matrixes